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Download JJSPloit – The Best Roblox Exploit

Experience new dimensions of Roblox with the latest version of JJSploit Executor – The best in the Business.

Created by a skilled team at WeAreDevs, the platform provides an engaging and delightful gaming experience to over 10 million users worldwide. 

The software is designed with utmost precision and doesn’t compromise your online safety. Download the latest version and get hold of some of the best JJSploit scripts to enthrall your fellow online gamers! 

Technical Specifications

Latest Version6.4.12
Download File Size~56MB
Platform SupportedWindows 7 32/64-bit
Last Updated OnAugust 4, 2022
Product TypeDLL Injector, LUA Scripting 
Developed ByWeAreDevs
Download Source

What is JJSploit?

JJSploit, developed by WeAreDevs in 2020, is a library of hundreds of prewritten scripts and algorithms designed exclusively for the Roblox platform. Used and trusted by millions of Roblox gamers, it is a widely popular executer that offers numerous cheat scrips within a click. 

What Are Roblox Exploits?

If you are a hardcore gamer, you may have heard of the use of Exploits during a game. In easy words, an exploit is a cheat program that you can use during a game to take advantage of some hitches and system-associated loopholes. There are several Roblox exploits available on the internet, most of which are free to download.

JJSploit Features

Amazing Features That Make It The Best Exploit On The Internet!!


With only 60.02 MB, JJSploit is extremely lightweight and runs smoothly on almost every computer or laptop.

DLL Injector

Use any third-party DLL codes to modify or change the game settings in your favor.

LUA scripts

We welcome LUA! Show your creativity by using LUA scripts in Roblox games.

Infinite Jump

Get an upper hand on your opponent in Tower of Hell, simply by using the infinite jump script.

Regular Updates

Use the latest cheats and tricks with quick and regular updates within an hour of Roblox’s new patch release.

Free To use

Enjoy the cheats without worrying about monthly payments. JJSploit executer is absolutely free-of-cost and will always be.

32/64-Bit support

Designed to work perfectly on both, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows architecture

No Viruses

We respect your safety and privacy! The JJSploit is 100% safe and doesn’t contain any harmful files, malware, or viruses.

Click to Fly

Surprise your competitors with unlimited flying. Just use the script and you are able to fly miles with a click.

Download JJSPloit 2022 – JJSploit Download

It’s fairly simple to download JJSploit. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Go to the official website of wearedeves. You can also search Google for JJSploit.
  • Click on Download Now at the homepage of the website.
  • It is advised to turn off the antiviral software and Windows firewall protection before you start downloading it. 
  • If you are unable to download the program, try using a VPN as your Internet provider may block some of the features of JJSploit download
  • If you are using Google Chrome to download the software, make sure to turn off the Safe browsing option as it may cause downloading issues.
  • Check your Download folder. Run the .exe file and JJSploit is ready to use.

Technical Details

Here are some key specifications of JJSploit:

  • Developers – WeAreDevs
  • Windows compatibility – 32 and 64-Bit architecture 
  • Type of the Tool – DLL LUA Executor
  • File Size – 60.04 MB
  • Version – 6.4.2
  • File Name – JJSploit_Setup_6.4.2.exe

How to Use JJSploit?

It’s extremely easy to use It with Roblox. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run the .exe file which you downloaded earlier from the website.
  • You can also right-click on the .exe file and select Run as Administrator.
  • Launch Roblox and choose your favorite game to join.
  • Click on the Attach button while the game is still in the background.
  • Give it a few seconds. A notification will flash on the right bottom corner of the JJSploit window. You can now start using the commands.

Check out the tutorial here.

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Frequent Questions That Users Ask

Is JJSploit safe to download & use?

If you’re wondering “Is JJSploit Safe?”, the answer is -YES, 100%. Due to some characteristics of the program, your system may flag it off as malware. Consider turning off your Antivirus software before you launch it.

Is there any subscription fee to use JJSploit?

The developers don’t charge any money from JJSploit users. You can also try some other free Roblox exploits like Krnl.

When can I expect the updates?

Usually the update is released within an hour of Roblox releasing the new patch. However, sometimes it may take up to 6 hours to receive the update. If you are facing any issue with updates, try using VPN and your updates will be automatically installed.

Does JJSploit work with Android?

As of now, there is no option to use it for smartphones. However, there are various Roblox executors available for the Android platform that you can download.

Does JJSploit slow down the system or the game?

It’s a lightweight program and it doesn’t affect the performance of your game.

What is the “jjsploit could not find dll”?

If you continue seeing this error, it means some DLL files are missing from your computer. Make sure you download the necessary DLL files as well as the latest version of JJSploit and launch the game again.

Few More Questions

What is JJSploit Kill Script?

By using the JJSploit kill script, you can eliminate an opponent with a single click. Some games support the Kill All script as well which will wipe out your entire opponent army. It’s a very fun script to use if you are playing FPS games on Roblox. 

To download the script, simply copy and paste this address to your browser You can copy the script, download it on your computer or paste it directly on Roblox attach page and execute it with one click 

Is There A JJSploit Premium Version?

JJSploit is an open-source script executer that’s available for free to download. As of now, the developers haven’t released any premium version of it. Unlike some other Roblox exploits, it includes all the premium features in the free version. Simply go to WeAreDeves’ official page and download it. 

How Many JJSploits have been released by WeAreDevs?

There is only 1 exploit named JJSploit available on the WeAreDeve official website, however, developers release new updates/versions of the program regularly.

You may find several similar-looking software on the internet but they are imposter programs, intending to harm your system or steal your data. Make sure you download JJSploit only from the WeAreDevs website. 

Is JJSploit Safe?

This is one of the most common questions users have asked on JJSploit community forums. Since you are required to disable your virus protection program to be able to download it, it’s only a natural concern.

As a Roblox fan and loyal JJSploit user, I can confirm that the program is 100% safe to download. It doesn’t contain any virus or additional executable files. Check out the Safety guide here

Why is JJSploit not working on my Lenovo Laptop?

Make sure you have turned off the firewall and threat protection from system settings. Also, if you have third-party antivirus software installed on your computer, turn it off before you download/install the executor. 

Also, sometimes Lenovo laptops come with an additional security program. Simply open the Lenovo support application on your laptop and disable the virus security from there. If you have any trouble using the program, check out the troubleshooting guide here.

What is the best JJSploit Roblox hack?

There are several ways you can manipulate a Roblox game using JJSploit. On the dashboard, you can see Fly, teleport, ESP, Infinite Jump, God Mode, etc. Just click on any of them and enjoy the game.

You can also create new animations, tricks like invisible legs, teleporting a fellow gamer, and much more. 

Can I use the JJSploit hacks in Adopt me?

Yes definitely! You can use JJSploit scripts in Adopt me to get infinite money, free all pets, auto farm, auto payout, and much more. Just launch JJSploit in the background and then start the game.

You can also check JJSploit community forums or Pastebin’s official website to learn about new scripts. 

What are the best JJSploit Hacks?

Here are my top 5 picks for JJSploit hacks:

  • Click To Fly
  • ESP 
  • Infinite Money
  • Single click infinite Jump
  • One-click teleporting

You can find JJSploit scripts at

Is There a JJSploit Mobile Version?

No, For now, there is no information on the WeAreDevs website about JJSploit mobile version. As of now, the program is compatible only with windows based computers and laptops, running Windows 7 or higher. 

Can I write my own JJSploit script?

JJSplloit supports LUA so if you have a good knowledge of the LUA language, you can develop your own scripts for JJSploit. Keep in mind, that you need to have exceptional programming skills to write your own scripts.

There are several script writing softwares available that allow users to create their own codes in various languages. 

Also, some script executors also allow users to write and execute their own scripts. Find out more here 

How to download JJSploit?

Downloading JJSploit is extremely easy. Go to the official website of WeAreDevs and navigate to JJSploit. Make sure to turn off safe browsing before you start the JJSploit download. If your firewall prevents the download process, go to system settings and turn it off for the time being. Read more to check out the full download guide

What Are JJSploit commands?

The quick hacks available on the JJSploit dashboard are referred to as commands. You can use these commands to execute a pre-written script in a single click. Also, there are several other modification commands as well such as character changes, animations, GUI changes, and much more. 

Is there a JJSploit v6 available to download yet?

Yes, JJSploit v6.0.1 is the most recent version of the program. Also, it gets regular updates from the developers to keep up with Roblox patching. 

How to fly with JJSploit?

Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch Roblox and open the game of your choice to play.
  • While the game is still on, open JJSploit in the background.
  • Now, while keeping the Roblox in the background, maximize the JJSploit window and click on Attach button.
  • From the dashboard, click on the Fly command and minimize the JJSploit window again.

The script has been activated and you can click your mouse button to fly at your will. 

Is JJSploit Good?

JJSploit is one of the most reliable Roblox exploits available these days. Starting back in 2017 as a single command-line program, it has become the first choice of Roblox fans in a very short time. 

The script execution is fast and the success rate is very high. Also, there are no crashes or unexpected shutdowns. 

What is JJSploit.dll?

JJsploit.dll is a DLL file used by JJSplloitexecutor. This file is required to read the Roblox source code in order to find loopholes that can be exploited. 

How can I download the JJSploit DLL file?

If you are getting a JJSploit.dll missing error message, it means the file has been deleted or hidden by your antivirus program to ensure the safety of your computer. 

The best way to recover the DLL file is to reinstall JJSploit. It will reinstate all the missing files. Also, update your windows and registry files. You can also download DLL file download software to download the JJSploit DLL missing file. 

How to attach JJSploit to Roblox?

Start a Roblox and join the game. While keeping the Roblox window minimized, launch JJSploit and click on Attach button. Make sure your antivirus and threat protection services are disabled. Here is a detailed guide if you are facing any issues with it. Read more

How to delete JJSploit?

It’s very easy to delete JJSploit. You can remove it from your computer just like any other program.

Go to System Settings > Program & features. Here you can see a list of all the software installed on your computer. Scroll down to find the JJSploit. Right-click on it and choose Uninstall. Restart the computer once the process is finished. 

How to execute scripts in JJSploit?

Executing JJSploit scripts is pretty straightforward. Take the following steps:

  • Launch Roblox and open the game you want to play. 
  • Without closing Roblox, open JJSploit.
  • Click on Attach button.
  • Choose the tab named LUA, and paste the script you want to execute in the box.
  • Click on Execute

Is JJSploit Malware?

No, JJSploit is a 100% genuine program as far as the code is concerned. There are no harmful files or malware attached to it. The program is based on reverse engineering which is why it’s common for antivirus programs to block some of its features. 

Is JJSploit v6 is better than JJSploit v5?

JJSploit v6 comes with the latest security updates and patch updates for Roblox. Although both work in a similar fashion. V6 would provide more stability and performance. If your JJSploit program is not working after the update, read this