JJSploit Download v5

JJSploit is a game exploiter exclusively for the Roblox platform. It’s basically a script editor that you can use to perform various tricks and cheats during a Roblox game. Now, using cheat scrips on Roblox is not always welcomed by its developers, so we advise you use a different account while using JJSploit v5 in order to avoid a permanent ban from Roblox.

JJSploit was developed by WeAreDeves back in 2020 and within a short period, it has emerged as one of the top Roblox exploiters. It also features a library of hundreds of prewritten scrips in all forms such as DLL files, command lines, and plain Lua scripts. It also includes teleport, speed walk, click to fly, unlimited jump, ESP, and much more.

Program Details

Check out some important information about JJSploit:

  • File Name – JJSploit_Installer
  • Current Version –
  • Download Size – 50.1 MB
  • Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • Producers – WeAreDeves
  • OS Compatibility – Windows 7 or higher/32 and 64 Bit OS


Here are some key features of JJSploit:

  • Supports 32 and 64-bit Windows
  • Supports LUA scripts and DLL injections
  • Click to fly, Infinite Jump, teleport
  • Free of cost executor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight and easy to download and run
  • Regular automatic updates
  • Pre-Written cheat codes
  • One-click cheat activation
  • Contains no virus or Malware

Download Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to download JJSploit on your device:

How to Download JJSploit on Smartphone

As of now, WeAreDeves has not released any official application for smartphones. However, you can find various apps on the app store under same name. Bear in mind that these apps are not developed by WeAreDeves officially. Make sure you download the app from a trusted developer only.

How to Download JJSploit on Windows PC

Take the following steps to download JJSploit on your Windows PC

  • Go to the official website of WeAreDeves- https://wearedevs.net/home in your browser. You can also search for JJSploit Download on google.
  • Navigate to Exploits on the homepage of the website.
  • You will see a list of all the exploits by WeAreDeves on this page. Find the JJSploit and click on the red Download button.

  • You can also click on More Info to learn about the exploit and its features.

  • Before you download the software, turn off your Windows Firewall and Anti-virus program.
  • When you are on the Download page, click on Download JJSploit.
  • Wait a few minutes until the file is downloaded.
  • Go to the Download folder on your computer and click on the file named JJSploit Installer.

Your program is ready to use.

Tips for Downloading JJSploit

However, If you are facing any issues with downloading, you can try these tricks:

  • Before you download, turn off your antivirus program and Windows Defender and Firewall system.

  • If you are using the Google Chrome browser, make sure you disable the Safe Browsing option from the setting menu as it may hinder the downloading process.

  • If you get Failed to connect error message on downloading, Try using a VPN. You can easily download VPN software on your computer. We recommend using Nord VPN. Connect to a VPN network and try to download the program again.
  • If you are using any other Web browser, remember to turn off the threat protection or Trusted Download option. Due to the reverse engineering nature of the JJSploit, many browsers and antivirus programs prevent you from downloading. The Software is 100% safe and you can use it without worrying about your data security and safety.

How to Download JJSploit on Mac

As of now, WeAreDeves haven’t released any official JJSploit version for Macs. However, you can download Script-Ware – A popular and probably the only executor for MacOS. It’s an efficient and powerful script executor for MacOS which is currently used by over 18000 gamers worldwide. You can purchase it from the official website of Script-Ware at a price of $12.99.

How to Download JJSploit on Chromebook

There is no official version of JJSploit for Chromebooks yet. You can still find a third-party Executor on the web. Unfortunately, there is no Roblox Executor available on the Chrome Web Store for now.

Walkthrough the UI and User Guide

It’s fairly easy to use exploit Roblox with JJSploit. Let’s check out how:

  • Go to the download folder and run the JJSploit_Installer.
  • JJSploit will try to download updates before the welcome page appears. Wait for a few minutes for the downloading to finish.

  • Once the download is finished, JJSploit will ask you to attach it to a game. Open Roblox on your computer and pick the game you want to play.

  • You can also click on Learn Code or Exploit tutorials to find out how to use the exploits in a game and much more. Click on Community to connect to Online gamers worldwide.
  • While the game is open in the background, click on attach and wait for a few seconds.
  • Once the notification appears at the bottom right of your screen, the executor is ready to use.

To Sum up…

There you have it. As hardcore Roblox players, we all want to have something up the sleeves to knock out the competitors. However, with JJSploit executor, you can perform all the tricks and cheats from a single platform. Yes, for some gamers, it might be knotty to download and run the executor, due to their technical deficiency or system’s security restrictions, but if you go through the download guide carefully, you can easily run the program on your computer.

Have fun gaming!